Restyling Hippie haven

In the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, a hippie boardinghouse is now a family home remade with a warmed-up modernism and the restrained inflections of Norwegian design. The double-height living area is spanned by a bridge made of original flooring from the attic. Furnishings include a 1954 Florence Knoll sofa and an Eames rocker.

Salvaged lumber was glued together to form the butcher-block treads of the parlor staircase; chips and nail holes were left exposed. The railing is made of shower-door glass and industrial hardware.
Because the house was renovated many times in its 112-year history, it has hardware from various eras; the glass doorknob and brass plate are believed to date from the 1960s.

seen @ The New York Times

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