Stylish Organic Living Launches Online Store Devoted to Organic and Eco-friendly Products

New site focuses on finding the finest designer products manufactured by environmentally responsible means.

Stylish Organic Living launched and unveiled a mission to provide designer green and eco-friendly products for the modern consumer.
With the world at large doing more to respect the environment and planet, there has been a movement toward using materials and manufacturing methods that are harmonious with the Earth. This includes using 100% organic cotton, reclaimed wood products, and local handmade production. Stylish Organic Living strives to bring these products to the mainstream consumer but with a stylish and elegant spin.
"Organic used to be a dirty word," says Jeffery Stein, CEO of Stylish Organic Living, "it conjures up images of hippies with compost buckets, but that's all changed. Today organic products are from top-notch designers and have become synonymous with quality." From crafted beds to designer diaper bags; from 100% organic cotton t-shirts to handmade jewelry; organic products indicate a higher quality, lower volume, and sensitive manufacturing. Adds Stein, "It's the big box stores that now have the stigma of being mass produced overseas and cutting corners on quality. Organic products give the modern consumer pride that they getting not only the best-made items, but are also supporting their local community and world. In our troubled times this has never been more important."
Stylish Organic Living will become a destination for what they call the "Organic Lifestyle". Featuring award-winning brands like Fleurville, Urban Woods, and Ecotots, the site already has a massive collection of desirable product for home, for baby, and for life; and on the occasion of their launch the company is offering free shipping on all items. Stylish Organic Living will continue to search the world for quality products that fit their vision. They also plan to expand their brand to accommodate forums, blogs, and news of the organic movement.