0 Eco friendly bags from Green Goose Bags

Go Green

Go "green" with stylish, re-usable bags. And what a great idea! Saw these cute bags at Green Goose Bag Etsy store.

Green Goose bags says: "They can be used for sandwiches, snacks, wet bags, storage, travel, kids crayons, diapers, you name it!

A single re-usable bag could potentially save over 1,000 plastic bags from going into landfills, oceans and waterways (plastic bags can be very harmful to sea life.) Green Goose bags are economical, stylish, sturdy, safe and eco-friendly. Made with either lightweight cotton or sturdy cotton canvas and lined with waterproof, stain-resistant nylon. No PVC's!! After use, wipe with sponge or wash in washing machine (air-dry recommended, but dryer works too!) All bags are made to order by me and are 100% satisfaction guaranteed."

Which one would you pick?? I 'm going for the nice pink one, I think there can't be enough pink in this world.


Minimalistic is so beautiful

Minimalistic is so beautiful...Superb Dutch villa

by Dutch architects Bedaux de Brouwer
Villa Van Esch in Tilburg
interior by Belgium interior architect Gilberte Claes.

I just love the multi layered façades and the real minimalistic interior. I would be a great resort to leave all troubles behind and start with a clean sleeve...and the storage, it's perfect. My dream: more and lot's more space! Well, nice weekend to you all

0 Vissen vangen

Vandaag een Villafesta online winkel tip: de site van de Deense ontwerpster Rie Elise Larsen. Haar website staat voor met sfeervolle spullen voor in huis. Naast spulletjes voor kinderen zoals je boven kan zien, maakt Rie Elise Larsen ook mooie quilts, papieren vogeltjes, slingers, lampenkapjes, aardewerk en vazen voor hyacinten en nog veel meer. Ook voor kerstmis -inderdaad dat is nog een beetje ver weg :)- kan je veel inspiratie op doen. Ik vind het homemade gevoel erg aanstekelijk, ik raak erg geïnspireerd van haar inspiration & press pagina.

Helaas zijn haar designs nog niet in Nederland te verkrijgen, wel in Duitsland en andere Scandinavische landen.


0 Uitzicht op een wereldstad

Material: Series of black perforated roller blinds. 100 % black Polyester. Dyed. Matching acrylic backing. White plastic pole and metal chain. Light Fastness: minimum 5-6 according to SS ISO 105-B02. MADE IN FRANCE

Description: Paris. Stockholm. Helsinki. Tokyo. By night. Sun set or dark night. Sun light or street light. The city traces itself onto your windows. A subtle illusion. Limited edition of 1000 ex. each

Info: Limited edition of 1000 ex. each. Paris 120 x 200 cm / Tokyo 140 x 200 cm / Helsinki 160 x 200 cm / Stockholm 180 x 200 cm. Also available in custom made size. Please, contact us.

Artist: Elina Aalto

Mooie raam decoratie van Elina Aalto uit Finland. Je kan kiezen voor verschillende steden. Het licht komt subtiel binnen door de uitsparingen van de ramen. Het geeft de ruimte diepte en een onverwacht element. Ideaal bij kleine kamers, een gang of zoals op foto in een trappenhuis. Ik vind het fantastisch!
gezien @ IUKBOX

0 Inspired by: Mark Rothko

An other artist which inspires me is Mark Rothko. When I lived in Zürich I went to this amazing overview exhibition at Foundation Beyeler. The museum is designed by Renzo Piano.

Mark Rothko, A consummated experience between picture and onlooker 18 February to 29 April 2001

I stayed for more than five hours. The colours where unbelievable vivid and multi layered. The dimensions of Mark Rothko's painting are more than man high so that you can dive into them and surround yourself with those magnificent colours! I strongly suggest that if you have the change to see his work, you should go and take a day off! I would be a great feeling if your art make people so touched and inspired...


0 Truly inspired by: nature

I saw this great portable pick-nick briefcase at Design*Sponge this link shows you the full instructions so you can surprise someone with a great present! The pick-nick briefcase is created by designer Paige Russell. She has an nice Etsy story you should check out. I like the way Paige writes about her self on her profile:

"I love what I do and hope that it comes through in my work so you too can 'feel the love' . (insert disco lights here) I have a degree in product design from Parsons in NYC and it's there that I learned to dig the dirt. To see what other kinds of nonsense I've been up to, visit my website."

I also like this idea:
Lumenair , the air purifying plant lamp
Lumenair is a complete life support system for plants, providing light, water, and a tree inspired structure on which they grow and thrive. Lumenair was designed to deliver the effect of sun through a forest canopy while taking advantage of plants’ amazing ability to remove toxins and dust from the air and generate oxygen, promoting a higher level of indoor air quality.
“(Lumenair) is quite literally one of the brightest ideas in recent years:
a floor lamp that is suavely conceived, amusing to look at, and environmentally sensitive.”
- Mitchell Owens, Executive Editor of Elle Décor magazine & co-curator of the National Design Triennial: Inside Design Now (2003)
Materials: recycled ash, polycarbonate, glass, PETE, clay, rubber
Dimensions: 30” W x 5’9” H x 18” D

Not in production
And that's a shame!

1 Zal ik het inpakken? Graag!

Op de Etsy-site staan veel zelfgemaakte juweeltjes.

Things by bubbo-bubbo maakt van gerecycled materiaal mooie verpakkingen met kruissteek print en een labeltje. Extra leuk is de aandacht waarmee je bestelling wordt verzonden. Als je aangeeft dat het een cadeautje is, doet ze er een kleine verassing bij.

Ook in haar shop; organnizers, ansichtkaarten, posters en nog veel meer leuks!
Op haar profiel beschrijft ze zelf:
"In my illustrations I am telling funny stories, probably you will notice something after looking at my work for a while if you can't spot it right away. I am trying to do cynical and funny things for those people who have similar sense of humor."


Wist je trouwens dat borduren heel goed is om tot rust te komen?


0 Special tablecloths by FriedaMaria

Fairytale tablecloths

A bit of a different setting this time; fairytale like Tablecloths by FriedaMaria. FriedaMaria is a design studio for concept, design of; all kinds of spaces. They also have this greet book Vive la fête, a lovely 'feel good book, where only flipping through the pages makes you feel good already, The book is about styling your own party with a lot of do it yourself projects.

You can order the tablecloths at there webshop: the ripped one below is 25 euro's p. metre and the one with the handdriped candle is 119,- p.m


0 Good and big

If you can’t make it good, make it big.

Or so the art-school saying goes. Dutch designer Bauke Knottnerus does both. Built from a collection of giant foam-filled threads, his Phat Knits are woven into furniture-like items. Chunky rugs appear ripped from a swatch of a giant’s sweater, while his unconventional seatingnresembles noodles from that same giant’s dinner plate.

“I’ve always been interested in scale, using basic stylistic ideas but with new proportions,” says Knottnerus. The tubes themselves are made industrially, but the large-scale knitting process can
take up to four people—and though it might sound like a joke-Knottnerus actually uses PVC needles up to 13 feet long and the same techniques one uses to weave garments.

Acknowledging the influence of Pop Art and Surrealists such as Magritte on his work, Knottnerus admits he enjoys the reactions his humorous pieces elicit.

“I don’t really see myself as a furniture designer. I’m more like a material designer,” he explains, citing his next project—creating multi-layered textiles for a fashion designer. “These things I make could end up as fur- niture or as textiles,” he explains. “It’s more like creating media that can be used to construct a coat or a carpet or a curtain.”

So it follows that Knottnerus’ shapes are intentionally ambiguous. “I like that unfinished part. It starts with a joke, but after that, it could be anything.”

I've done some knitting myself after reading a marvellous book about a wool shop in New York. I forgot the title...maybe I will remember that later. But anyway this knitting is something different! Love it.

0 Hoe maak je van elke dag een feestje? Denk simpel!

Leuke inspirerende (online) winkel in Seattle

A muse

Hun slogan is: "Think simple, think a muse."
Ik heb er een tijdje rond gesurft en ik merkte dat ik met een glimlach de stempels bekeek. De ontwerpen zijn helder, eenvoudig met een knipoog. Je wordt er eerlijk gezegd een beetje hebberig van.
Van dit soort sites word ik nou vrolijk. Ik hoop jij ook!
Je kan je aanmelden voor hun nieuwsbrief vol met zelfmaak ideeën.

In de online shop kan je terecht voor stempels, kaartjes, gekleurde linten, enveloppen en nog veel meer!

0 Hanging Rice paper Lanterns

I've read this article at My Eco chic wedding:
It's a great starter if you are going to get married or about to plan a party!

The Do´s and Don'ts of hanging lanterns

Looking for
an affordable way to add ambiance and charm to your special evening? Why not hang rice paper lanterns. Available in a wide array of colours, sizes and patterns; light weight, battery operated and easy to install, lanterns will add a glorious glow to your reception.
These gorgeous bubble-like lanterns can easily fit into any event design theme. Use various vibrant but complementary colors to create a fun and whimsical atmosphere. Combinations such as orange, pink, yellow, soft lime green and lavender make a wonderfully fun and fresh palette; perfect for a spring wedding.
Want something more elegant and sophisticated? Hang all white lanterns in various sizes for breathtaking results. Also try adding in a few coloured lanterns that are in keeping with your color scheme.
Do's & Don'ts
Don't skimp. A few lonely lanterns strewn around the room looks cheap and lacks that Wow! factor. Lanterns are best displayed in groupings.
Do consider renting instead of purchasing if budget is a concern. If your venue is too large and you do not have the budget to acquire lanterns to fill the room, consider zone lighting. Hang a grouping of lanterns above the dance floor or above the head table.
Don't hang with string. The number one mistake most people make is hanging their lanterns with ugly string, twine or wire.
Do consider hanging your lanterns with beautiful ribbon or clear beading cord, otherwise known by its more manly name of fishing line.
Don't hang all at the same height. Hanging your lanterns at the same height can look a little boring and lacks depth. Try instead to hang your lanterns at different heights; you will achieve greater visual impact particularly when using one colour.
Don't hang to high. Your lanterns should feel like a warm cloud of bubbles above you. You will lose the ambiance by hanging your lanterns to high.
Suppliers: (For Purchase)


0 Handige theeplank voor echte theeliefhebbers

Op een van mijn favoriete blogs: Design*Sponge een leuke tip vinden voor je keuken:

Kijk hier voor het artikel
Je kan dit natuurlijk ook doen voor je koffieplank ( mooi met nespressocups in verschillende klueren!), je hobby spulletjes...

Klussen maar! Opruimen werkt trouwens stressverlagend! Wist je dat? Je ruimt als het ware ook je hoofd op.

1 Inspired by: Haus Blau, Blue House!

Well as I wrote before, blue is quite dominant in my own interior...but dominant is getting a new level here at the Blue House! It is a pity that the house was demolished. Would love to go there and have a peak around.

I've used google to translate the German text so if it's strange, you know why ( it isn't my terrible English I have to practice more :)
¨The intention for this project lies in the preoccupation with the perception of space and the associated spatial variation.
This is mainly dealing with the light and colours. A distinction by colour reminds or suspend the same marker, but familiar to human eyes the perceived contrast. If these distinctive features off is changing the human perception of a necessary concentration on the individual. The change confused, they charged the eye and makes it more attentive be biased depending on the colour set.
As part of a building should Monochromierung these differences in the perception of experience, a uniformity of materials and different levels of figure is the result. It is necessary for the continuation of the exterior to the interior space which, both the visual and spatial perception are to be irritated. Everything is available in a color bath, wall and ceiling surfaces, doors and windows, furniture and furnishings, as well as roof and façade! Only the jars are kept free and thus allow the light to enter the building and the observers from the input and insight!
A non-controllable change in the light incursions, a rapture of the room to read display, a mystification structure built in the familiar environment, a disturbing look at the level of the passers-by, and a subjugation of the spatial geometry of color are essential to examine moments of the project.
Ultramarine blue, a colour actually implies the possibility of investigation of the monochrome, as Yves Klein that colour to the colour of the chosen has monochromes. (Check out my previous post on Yves Klein.)
Blue House is a project by halm.kaschnig.wührer architekten is now history: 5-10-2009 it was demolished as planned."



0 Met bamboe bloemen versierd

Op dit blog veel doe het zelf ideeën
Crafty nest

De link gaat naar een leuk idee voor Ikea Lack tafels. Met een heldere stap voor stap handleiding kan je makkelijk je Lack tafeltje (of een andere natuurlijk) pimpen.

Veel plezier op het blog

0 Inspired by: Yves Klein

Monochrome abstraction—the use of one colour over an entire canvas—has been a strategy adopted by many painters wishing to challenge expectations of what an image can and should represent. Klein likened monochrome painting to an "open window to freedom." He worked with a chemist to develop his own particular brand of blue. Made from pure colour pigment and a binding medium, it is called International Klein Blue. Klein adopted this hue as a means of evoking the immateriality and boundlessness of his own particular utopian vision of the world.

"Blue has no dimensions, it is beyond dimensions, whereas the other colours are not.. ..All colours arouse specific associative ideas, psychologically material or tangible, while blue suggests at most the sea and sky, and they, after all, are in actual, visible nature what is most abstract."

Yves Klein at his lecture at the Sorbonne, 1959

This weekend I made some interior pictures at my home. When I saw my interior on screen I realised that blue is quite dominant...It reminds me of the first time I was really overwhelmed by the work of an the artist. It was Yves Klein. His blue monochrome abstraction blew me away. This encounter with colour is one of the reasons I became an interior architect.



0 Passion for blue and white

Why these patterns in this fresh palette feels so right for any season...

For centuries, blue and white had been a much loved colour combination. Being Dutch, I'm quite aware of the impact of these two colours (We've been using it on our famous Delftware pottery for instance :) Take inspiration from the walls inside Casa da Musica a concert hall in Porto designed by architect Rem Koolhaas and on walls at the new Mondrian South beach hotel by designer Marcek Wanders. The cup with beautiful flower print is by Droog design. The vintage silk cushions from eco-concious online store The Baobab tree.

The top image is taken at my own home. In front of the blue painted wall (colour code is Korenblauw by Histor for Dutch readers), I've put an PS Ikea cabinet. I think it's a great combination.


0 Live in a hobbit home and saving our planet too

Only a few days ago I saw Al Gore's an inconvenient truth. I'm sure that lots off you people have seen this movie too. (If not please see it) It's almost impossible not too think about ways to reduce CO2, after seeing this movie. And then one morning I saw these pictures off a "hobbit home". It was so inspiring to read about this family designing and building there own home.

Simon Dale on his site,"The house was built with maximum regard for the environment and by reciprocation gives us a unique opportunity to live close to nature. Being your own (have a go) architect is a lot of fun and allows you to create and enjoy something which is part of yourself and the land rather than, at worst, a mass produced box designed for maximum profit and convenience of the construction industry. Building from natural materials does away with producers profits and the cocktail of carcinogenic poisons that fill most modern buildings."

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