Bean with a message

This "bean" is definitely beyond anything that “Jack and his bag of beans” could have ever conceived of.

Believe it or not, each bean has a word lasered onto one side, and a complementary image on the other. All one has to do to see the "message" is grow the bean.

The recipient simply pulls off the foil top and bottom piece (to let the water drain), and adds about ½ cup of water to the soil. In about a week or so, the bean will poke thru the soil revealing the special message.

In today’s crazy world of “real-time”, this is something that is well worth waiting for. Available in Thank You (with Thanks in Japanese), Love (with a heart), Happy Birthday (with a musical note), Happy Holiday (with two stars on the other side), Get Well (with Get Well written in Japanese on other side), and Good Luck.

Place the aluminum can on a plate or saucer to protect furniture and other surfaces; add water as needed,
do not over-water.

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The Spoon Sisters