Hanging Rice paper Lanterns

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The Do´s and Don'ts of hanging lanterns

Looking for
an affordable way to add ambiance and charm to your special evening? Why not hang rice paper lanterns. Available in a wide array of colours, sizes and patterns; light weight, battery operated and easy to install, lanterns will add a glorious glow to your reception.
These gorgeous bubble-like lanterns can easily fit into any event design theme. Use various vibrant but complementary colors to create a fun and whimsical atmosphere. Combinations such as orange, pink, yellow, soft lime green and lavender make a wonderfully fun and fresh palette; perfect for a spring wedding.
Want something more elegant and sophisticated? Hang all white lanterns in various sizes for breathtaking results. Also try adding in a few coloured lanterns that are in keeping with your color scheme.
Do's & Don'ts
Don't skimp. A few lonely lanterns strewn around the room looks cheap and lacks that Wow! factor. Lanterns are best displayed in groupings.
Do consider renting instead of purchasing if budget is a concern. If your venue is too large and you do not have the budget to acquire lanterns to fill the room, consider zone lighting. Hang a grouping of lanterns above the dance floor or above the head table.
Don't hang with string. The number one mistake most people make is hanging their lanterns with ugly string, twine or wire.
Do consider hanging your lanterns with beautiful ribbon or clear beading cord, otherwise known by its more manly name of fishing line.
Don't hang all at the same height. Hanging your lanterns at the same height can look a little boring and lacks depth. Try instead to hang your lanterns at different heights; you will achieve greater visual impact particularly when using one colour.
Don't hang to high. Your lanterns should feel like a warm cloud of bubbles above you. You will lose the ambiance by hanging your lanterns to high.
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