Inspired by: Haus Blau, Blue House!

Well as I wrote before, blue is quite dominant in my own interior...but dominant is getting a new level here at the Blue House! It is a pity that the house was demolished. Would love to go there and have a peak around.

I've used google to translate the German text so if it's strange, you know why ( it isn't my terrible English I have to practice more :)
¨The intention for this project lies in the preoccupation with the perception of space and the associated spatial variation.
This is mainly dealing with the light and colours. A distinction by colour reminds or suspend the same marker, but familiar to human eyes the perceived contrast. If these distinctive features off is changing the human perception of a necessary concentration on the individual. The change confused, they charged the eye and makes it more attentive be biased depending on the colour set.
As part of a building should Monochromierung these differences in the perception of experience, a uniformity of materials and different levels of figure is the result. It is necessary for the continuation of the exterior to the interior space which, both the visual and spatial perception are to be irritated. Everything is available in a color bath, wall and ceiling surfaces, doors and windows, furniture and furnishings, as well as roof and façade! Only the jars are kept free and thus allow the light to enter the building and the observers from the input and insight!
A non-controllable change in the light incursions, a rapture of the room to read display, a mystification structure built in the familiar environment, a disturbing look at the level of the passers-by, and a subjugation of the spatial geometry of color are essential to examine moments of the project.
Ultramarine blue, a colour actually implies the possibility of investigation of the monochrome, as Yves Klein that colour to the colour of the chosen has monochromes. (Check out my previous post on Yves Klein.)
Blue House is a project by halm.kaschnig.wührer architekten is now history: 5-10-2009 it was demolished as planned."



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