Truly inspired by: nature

I saw this great portable pick-nick briefcase at Design*Sponge this link shows you the full instructions so you can surprise someone with a great present! The pick-nick briefcase is created by designer Paige Russell. She has an nice Etsy story you should check out. I like the way Paige writes about her self on her profile:

"I love what I do and hope that it comes through in my work so you too can 'feel the love' . (insert disco lights here) I have a degree in product design from Parsons in NYC and it's there that I learned to dig the dirt. To see what other kinds of nonsense I've been up to, visit my website."

I also like this idea:
Lumenair , the air purifying plant lamp
Lumenair is a complete life support system for plants, providing light, water, and a tree inspired structure on which they grow and thrive. Lumenair was designed to deliver the effect of sun through a forest canopy while taking advantage of plants’ amazing ability to remove toxins and dust from the air and generate oxygen, promoting a higher level of indoor air quality.
“(Lumenair) is quite literally one of the brightest ideas in recent years:
a floor lamp that is suavely conceived, amusing to look at, and environmentally sensitive.”
- Mitchell Owens, Executive Editor of Elle D├ęcor magazine & co-curator of the National Design Triennial: Inside Design Now (2003)
Materials: recycled ash, polycarbonate, glass, PETE, clay, rubber
Dimensions: 30” W x 5’9” H x 18” D

Not in production
And that's a shame!